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Our Harleys

Welcome to the website of Bindura Birmans. My name is Carol and my husband, Peter, and I breed Birmans in Canberra Australia. Besides Birmans our other love is riding our Harleys when time permits between shift work and keeping in contact with our twin boys.

I saw my first Birman cat at a Birman show in Canberra 1990, where I had dragged the whole family, as it was mothers day in May. A week later I purchased two kittens from Julie Simpson (Kamela) as my pets. I became a member of the Canberra Birman Cat Club in the same year and the rest is history.

The Bindura prefix was established with our first breeding queen, Sarika Choc Chip, thanks to Liz Robinson of Sarika/Majik cattery.

We have been fortunate to have such boys as Kesima Pirarucu, Arakan Kusah and Xamela Indrinka to use with our queens and contribute to our breeding program leading to the quality kittens of today.

The success of Bindura Birmans has come from our love of Birmans and our committment to producing quality show standard cats with superb temperaments.

We are registered with CCI which is affiliated with CCCA. I am the President of the Canberra Birman Cat Club which is the only club in Australia to hold a Birman specialist show every year in May. I am also an executive committee member of CCI.

Our photo album has some of the beautiful Birmans bred at Bindura Birmans as well as retired breeding cats who were part of our breeding program.

If you are interested in ordering a cat for showing, breeding or as a pet please contact us.